About Mango Pintón

Logo Mango Pinton Fondo Blanco Largo

Mango Pintón is a Gourmet Catering Service that brings to the Great Toronto Area a gamma of flavors, textures, colours and aromas of our contemporary Latin American Gastronomy.

Mango Pintón (maŋ-gō pin-tən) is a Spanish language term used in Venezuela for the mango that is no as crispy unripe, neither is as soft sweet as a red ripe mango. That is a perfect juicy fusion, between sour and sweet, crisp and soft.

Is your mouth watering? Then, we invite you to enjoy a different gastronomic experience, which excites your palate with every little bite.

One Response to “About Mango Pintón”

  1. Interesting Gourmet Experience!

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